• Technology Museum Speyer, Germany

    Technology Museum Speyer, Germany

    I’d had a great time at the Technology Museum Sinsheim, so when I found myself on the other side of the Rhine, I thought I’d better go and check out its sister museum in Speyer. Like it’s bigger sibling, the Museum held a staggering display of historic cars, aircraft, and just about everything else

  • Searching for Black Forest Cake, Germany

    Searching for Black Forest Cake, Germany

    When I was a kid, I loved Black Forest Cake. When I visited Germany’s famous Black Forest, I went to see if I could find one in the wild

  • A Walk in the Black Forest, Germany

    A Walk in the Black Forest, Germany

    The Black Forest. The name conjures images of dark, mysterious mountain woods, inhabited by wild animals and supernatural creatures straight from the pages of classic fairytales. I was in the neighbourhood, so thought I’d spend some time exploring this place of legends.

  • Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

    Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

    I have a penchant for historic aircraft and vehicles, and will spend hours contentedly poring over exhibits until the cleaners throw me out. When I found out that the grandaddy of all engineering museums was located at Sinsheim, Germany, it wasn’t a question of if I would go, but rather for how many days

  • Visiting the Berlin Wall, Germany

    Visiting the Berlin Wall, Germany

    Although I couldn’t reconcile the tourist carnival of Checkpoint Charlie with the gravity of what had occurred there during the Cold War, the remnant of the Berlin Wall was a chilling reminder of the consequence of placing social theory and political ideology above human dignity.

  • The Trabant, Germany

    The Trabant, Germany

    It’s easy to stand back and criticise the Trabant for all the things it isn’t, but I reckon it’s important to remember all the things it is.

  • Machern Stasi Bunker Museum, Germany

    Machern Stasi Bunker Museum, Germany

    Tucked away near the small village of Machern is a Stasi bunker that remained a secret until the end of the German Democratic Republic in 1989.

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