I remember the first midlife crisis I ever witnessed first-hand.  I was living in a small town in Outback Australia, and one of my workmates had just endured an acutely painful marriage break-up. After the dust had settled, he got a new tattoo and an ear piercing, changed careers, and started seeing a girl ten years his junior that looked like his ex-wife.  He ticked all the boxes for a well-rounded, neatly constructed, classic midlife crisis.  Me and my other colleagues watched his post-divorce re-birth with a mixture of sadness, sympathy, and to my shame, amusement. You can afford to have a laugh at such things when your life is moving along nicely.  A few years later, mine wasn’t anymore.

After leaving my relationship, job, and the only place that really felt like home since I was a kid, I spent years trying to rediscover meaning, purpose and passion in life. I drifted around, living in six different places in three different states. It was the toughest of times. I always had more overseas travel in the back of my mind, and with nothing keeping me in Australia, it seemed as good a time as any to head off for a while.

I left Australia four years ago, and I’m still wandering today. I’ve had some amazing experiences, learned a lot, and done plenty of soul searching. Although I’m still riding out my midlife crisis, I’m happy to say that things are a lot better nowadays.

If you love travel, and have ever found yourself pondering life’s big questions, you’re not alone. Join me here on Midlife Crisis Odyssey. I’m not sure where we’re going next, but whatever happens, it ain’t going to be dull.

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