• Driving the Nordschleife, Germany

    Driving the Nordschleife, Germany

    Armed with a completely inappropriate car, I embarked on a lap of one of world’s most feared and revered motor racing circuits

  • A Tour of the Nürburgring, Germany

    A Tour of the Nürburgring, Germany

    Whilst visiting the Nürburgring, I discovered that you can do a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Formula 1 circuit. By now I was totally hooked on the place, so leapt at the chance.

  • The Nürburgring, Germany

    The Nürburgring, Germany

    Visiting the Nürburgring was a fascinating insight into one of the worlds most revered, and feared, motor racing circuits.

  • Technology Museum Speyer, Germany

    Technology Museum Speyer, Germany

    I’d had a great time at the Technology Museum Sinsheim, so when I found myself on the other side of the Rhine, I thought I’d better go and check out its sister museum in Speyer. Like it’s bigger sibling, the Museum held a staggering display of historic cars, aircraft, and just about everything else

  • The Zastava 750 ‘Fica’, Serbia

    The Zastava 750 ‘Fica’, Serbia

    During the time of the former Yugoslavia, a thriving motor industry produced some interesting, cool and just plain shithouse cars.

  • Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

    Technology Museum Sinsheim, Germany

    I have a penchant for historic aircraft and vehicles, and will spend hours contentedly poring over exhibits until the cleaners throw me out. When I found out that the grandaddy of all engineering museums was located at Sinsheim, Germany, it wasn’t a question of if I would go, but rather for how many days

  • The Trabant, Germany

    The Trabant, Germany

    It’s easy to stand back and criticise the Trabant for all the things it isn’t, but I reckon it’s important to remember all the things it is.

  • Hellenic Motor Museum, Greece

    Hellenic Motor Museum, Greece

    Athens’ tourism revolves around its ancient past, and I spent my first week in the city visiting amazing historic sites. However there was something else I was also keen to see; a lesser known attraction preserving some more recent historic artefacts.

  • Spare Tyre, Greece

    Spare Tyre, Greece

    I found out the hard way that the equipment you find in a car in Australia is not necessarily what you find in a car in Crete.

  • National Aviation Museum Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    National Aviation Museum Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    I’ve always been a bit partial to aviation history, and when I heard that Plovdiv was home to Bulgaria’s National Aviation Museum I was keen to have a look.

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