Bumper stickers and national heroes

Bumper stickers and national heroes

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is considered the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Revered as a hero, he served as its first president, establishing a secular and modern nation. ‘Ataturk’ translates as ‘Father of the Turks’, a title he was given when surnames were introduced to Turkey in 1935.

The handsome, chiselled image of Mustafa can be seen everywhere. There are statues…

Ataturk statue
The Bronze Warrior
Ataturk statue
Hard as stone


Ataturk poster
Ol’ Blue Eyes
Ataturk statue
‘What did you say about my hat?’

….and flags.

Ataturk statue
I should really get rid of those cobwebs one day

The other day I even saw a couple of Mustafa Ataturk bumper stickers. Which got me thinking: what if patriotic Aussies could have bumper stickers of their favourite giant of Australian politics, instead of just the southern cross and Ned Kelly? Maybe Sir Henry Parkes, the ‘Founder of Federation’.

bumper stickers and national heroes
I reckon that works

Another logical choice would be our first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton.

bumper stickers and national heroes
Nice one

Perhaps something more modern? The hugely charismatic John Howard was Australian Prime Minister for nearly twelve years, so clearly many Australians thought he was ‘The Man’.

bumper stickers and national heroes
Chicks dig him

Or maybe Bob Hawke’s more your kind of bloke.

bumper stickers and national heroes
Actually I think this one would sell

And who can forget the self-professed ‘Mother of the Nation’?

bumper stickers and national heroes
Hang on, I think I’ve already seen this bumper sticker somewhere in Queensland

So come on all you proud Australians, follow the Turkish lead and slap on some bumper stickers to honour your national heroes.

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