The best pizza in Italy is in…

The best pizza in Italy is in…

Now I know this is going to be controversial. And yes yes yes I know I can’t expect pizza in Italy to be the same as pizza in Australia. However I did expect pizza in Italy to be delicious, in an authentic Italian way. I mean, Italian pizza must be delicious, mustn’t it? Otherwise no-one would eat it. And if no-one eats it, why are there pizzerias on every corner? I wasn’t necessarily expecting an Italian pizza to be the same as a classic Lygon Street capricciosa, but I did expect something that tasted great.

After a multi-day passage from Malta we arrived in Sardinia tired and hungry. At out first opportunity we headed to a pizzeria and ordered three unfeasibly large pizzas. Not prepared to wait until we got back to the boat, we sat down outside the restaurant (no dining-in permitted due to Corona) with our booty, opened the first box, and dived in. The result of my first pizza experience in Italy? Underwhelming. We tried the second and third boxes. Same result.

You know when you and your mates are sitting around demolishing a pizza, and there never seems to be quite enough? Every bite is delicious, and you could always do with another slice. And it’s always a bummer when the last slice is eaten, and eyes dart around the table trying to figure out if someone had more slices than their share. Well, after my first slice of my first Italian pizza, if someone had turned up that moment and whisked the rest of the three unfeasibly large pizzas away I really wouldn’t have cared. It tasted…well…tasteless.

Disappointed but not deterred, I had pizza again a few weeks later in Sicily. We were able to sit in the small cafe, and were upbeat at the prospect of a good pizza. When it arrived fresh from the oven it was an improvement on the first, but still nothing special. Once again I could have got up and walked out after the first slice. It wasn’t just me; my crewmates were similarly unimpressed.

Now granted there are fewer restaurants open at the moment due to Corona, and perhaps for some strange reason the only ones left open are the ones that serve ordinary food. I dunno. But I’m going to tell it like it is, even if it risks a diplomatic spat between Italy and Australia. If it ain’t good it ain’t good, and we left Italy without having eaten a delicious pizza.

We are now in Mallorca, Spain, and despite our recent disappointments, chanced our luck again last night and ordered some pizzas. When the Skipper came aboard with a stack of three boxes in his arms, a mouthwatering aroma filled the boat. Things were looking up.

Sure they might have left it in the oven a fraction long, but it was still the best pizza I’ve had in Europe

We opened the boxes in hungry anticipation and hooked in. The pizzas were delicious. The bases were just right, the toppings fresh and flavoursome, and they left us wanting more. So, reluctant as I am to state it, the best pizza in Italy is definitely in Spain.

Just to add insult to injury, I ordered pineapple on my pizza

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4 thoughts on “The best pizza in Italy is in…

  1. Head to fair Verona Spide. I had 3 capricosas in 2 days at 3 different restaurants in October 2019. The best one was in a restaurant near a church made from marble. That should narrow it down for ya.

    The next best best pizzas i had were the ones i made as the dough boy at Pizza Haven, Queen St, Bendigo, early 1990s.

    Long way and long time from fair 2019 Verona.

    1. Hey Changa, 3 capricosas in 2 days is true commitment. If I make it to fair Verona I’ll be sure to stop by the restaurant near the marble church. Funny you should mention the Queen St franchise, as apparently the people of Verona consider the early 1990s as the zenith of pizza in Bendigo

  2. Pizza, the socially awkward food (there’s always one piece left over that you all want but are obliged to leave for others). The solution is Macca’s, order your own, eat your own. However you may be vulnerable to judgement by the others on what you order (I personally like the Junior Burger and will not be told otherwise).

    1. Ah my old mate Riffy! Great to hear from you. I can imagine when 4 mates enter a pizzeria and order an extra large the staff would intentionally cut it into an odd number of slices just to ensure a socially awkward incident occurs. Mate you are the Peter Pan of Macca’s customers, still happily ordering the Junior Burger into middle-age. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the phrase ‘the solution is Macca’s’ before….

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