• Visiting the Freuds’, Part II, Austria

    Visiting the Freuds’, Part II, Austria

    Eighty-five years too late for an appointment, I turned up at Sigmund Freud’s practice in Vienna, Austria

  • Visiting the Freuds’, Part I, Austria

    Visiting the Freuds’, Part I, Austria

    During the depths of my midlife crisis, a mate suggested I give psychoanalysis a try. Now this particular friend knows a lot about pretty much everything, and feeling I had nothing to lose, I took his advice.

  • What’s In a Name? Hungary

    What’s In a Name? Hungary

    The history of just about everything in Europe is complicated, and a case in point is how Hungary’s capital came to be called Budapest.

  • An Introduction to Moldova

    An Introduction to Moldova

    Seeing as I knew very little about Moldova, and nothing about Chisinau, I figured a visit to the National Museum of the History of Moldova would be a good place to start.

  • The Bayeux Tapestry, France

    The Bayeux Tapestry, France

    We were in the neighbourhood, so my sister suggested we drop into the town of Bayeux., France, and check out the Bayeux Tapestry.

  • Skull Tower, Serbia

    Skull Tower, Serbia

    Skull Tower in Nis, Serbia, is a stark and poignant reminder of a violent chapter in Serbian history.

  • Exploring Pristina, Kosovo

    Exploring Pristina, Kosovo

    Brutalist architecture, monuments, and a whole lotta Bill Clinton can be found in Pristina, capital of Kosovo.

  • Ancient Athens, Greece

    Ancient Athens, Greece

    Athens is an amazing place, where something ancient seems to be hiding around every corner. If you are based in the middle of the city, you have a bunch of historic sites all within walking distance.

  • Panathenaic Stadium, Greece

    Panathenaic Stadium, Greece

    When you think about it, Athens really has contributed far more than its share of institutions to our modern way of life. Democracy, Nana Miskouri and of course the modern Olympic Games all came out of this ancient city.

  • The Acropolis, Greece

    The Acropolis, Greece

    Rising majestically from the centre of Old Athens, the Acropolis mesa supports an extraordinary collection of ancient structures, and an even more extraordinary collection of myths and legends.