• The Sound of Lake Ngototo, New Zealand

    The Sound of Lake Ngototo, New Zealand

    Hearing kids nearby singing along to Chris Cornell had me reminiscing about seeing live music in the 1990s

  • The Storks of Poland

    The Storks of Poland

    Apparently 25% of the world’s white storks nest in Poland, and therefore ‘every fourth white stork is a Pole’.

  • Taupo Volcanic Zone

    Taupo Volcanic Zone

    New Zealand is pretty much made up of a whole bunch of volcanoes linked together by other volcanoes. Despite the risk of incineration, tourists like me flock to the Taupo Volcanic Zone to experience a little geothermal action.

  • Ferry to Athens

    Ferry to Athens

    I decided to take the ferry to Athens. It’s more expensive than a flight, takes all night, and no-one chooses it unless they are taking a car with them, but I like ferries so I bloody-well booked it anyway.

  • Leaving Crete

    Leaving Crete

    After having a great time circumnavigating the island, it’s time for me to be leaving Crete. I will certainly take some great memories from this beautiful island.

  • The Simple Things, Crete

    The Simple Things, Crete

    Sometimes, the simple things really are the best.

  • Incidents and Accidents, Crete

    Incidents and Accidents, Crete

    A carefree holiday can turn into something else entirely just around the next bend.

  • Spare Tyre, Greece

    Spare Tyre, Greece

    I found out the hard way that the equipment you find in a car in Australia is not necessarily what you find in a car in Crete.

  • The Chess Players of City Garden, Bulgaria

    I like to walk, so I booked accommodation in central Sofia, Bulgaria, so I could explore on foot. If I hadn’t, I may never have discovered the chess players of City Garden.

  • Second Covid-19 Vaccination, Bulgaria

    Second Covid-19 Vaccination, Bulgaria

    Having to figure out where to get a PCR test done in a non-English speaking country, within the stipulated time window before travelling to a new place, and then sometimes having to have another test upon arrival, was a real bastard.

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