• Another Day at the Egyptian Museum

    Another Day at the Egyptian Museum

    After walking from my Cairo apartment and along the Nile I was back at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities for another look around. Today it was time to climb the stairs onto the first floor, where the Museum’s vast collection of coffins and mummies was stored.

  • A day at the Egyptian Museum

    A day at the Egyptian Museum

    Inside the museum foyer, the floor and walls were covered in dark granite sarcophagi, exquisitely shaped and polished, and engraved with minutely detailed hieroglyphics. I started grinning and giggling like and idiot; this was the stuff of boyhood dreams!

  • Cairo, Egypt, part II

    Cairo, Egypt, part II

    The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities was a 25 minute walk from my apartment through the chaos of Cairo.

  • Cairo, Egypt, part I

    Cairo, Egypt, part I

    Egypt is one of those rare places that are plunked into the mind of almost every Australian kid of my generation. Now, more than 35 years after my grade six history lessons, I was in Cairo.