‘Can’t you read the sign?’

‘Can’t you read the sign?’

Valletta Signs

The Maltese capital city of Valletta has an amazing streetscape. The roadways are narrow and the buildings tall, which gives the place a feeling of bustle and action. There are some fantastic shopfront signs, from the old…

Valletta signs

…to some great sixties examples…

Valletta signs

…and some classic ‘garagenalia’.

Valletta signs
Garagenalia Malta

I’ve also found some other interesting signs during my walks around town.

Butcher's shop Valletta
Steve’s chicks always have big breasts
Tool shop Valletta
Why go to Neartools when you can go to Fartools, specialists in compressed air equipment
Valletta Signs
Not sure I have heard defecation termed a ‘duty’ before
Valletta Signs
Looks like this bloke has gone for a pre-emptive strike. Must be tiring walking on your haunches behind your dog the whole way ’round the neighbourhood
Valletta Signs
Imagine a council putting up this sign in Australia. There’d be a riot.
Frozen drinks Malta
Perhaps avoid the yellow Superslash
Toilet sign Malta
The Maltese are very polite

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2 thoughts on “‘Can’t you read the sign?’

  1. Hi Jim,

    great signs, love your comments.

    Alec and I had a few laughs when we read your comments, very funny-good start to the day


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