Leaving Turkey

Leaving Turkey

After a little over a month it is time to be leaving Turkey. Minor boat repairs and maintenance are complete, and we are ready to sail from Bodrum.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Turkey. Although New Zealand is a great place, it’s bit like visiting Tasmania; it’s across the sea and a little different, but it’s similar to home and feels very familiar. So it’s been great to spend time in a country that feels like ‘overseas’.

Man and kebab, leaving Turkey
I’ve enjoyed the Turkish food – doner, iskender, manti, pide, lots of bread and yoghurt and even the occasional ridiculously sweet dessert. This sign was in the window of a kebab shop. This bloke clearly enjoys a doner too. He makes me uncomfortable.

From here we head west. Covid-19 restrictions will dictate our course, and to be honest I’m not sure how things are going to turn out. If the nations en route designate us a ‘leper’ ship, we may have to set sail directly for Tunisia, where we are currently permitted to land pursuant to Covid-19 regulations. In case this scenario transpires, we’ve stocked up on fuel, water and food to last us the passage, plus a quarantine period if required.

Bodrum customs house, leaving Turkey
Mondays at the Bodrum customs house are reserved for enochlophobics

There was no-one at the custom’s checkpoint at Bodrum when the Skipper turned up to do the required paperwork. After a phone call the necessary officials turned up, and we entered the deserted customs hall and created a little queue of three. We were summoned one by one to have our photos taken and passports stamped. We are free to leave.

Bodrum duty free
Bugger it

I’ll see you at the next anchorage. Wherever that is.

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