Leaving Turkey again

Leaving Turkey again

'The Sphinx' ANZAC Cove Gallipoli
‘The Sphinx’ overlooking ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli Peninsula

I have really enjoyed being back in Turkey, and spending some time exploring the Gallipoli Peninsula. After visiting the country twice since beginning my odyssey, I feel like I am getting to know the place. Once again I have met some great people, and been made to feel very welcome during my travels.

Leaving Turkey again Trojan Horse Canakkale
On the Canakkale waterfront stands the Trojan Horse used in the movie ‘Troy’. (I haven’t seen the film, but apparently it stars Brad Pitt, who presumably plays a bloke called Troy.) Now I know it’s easy in hindsight, but after having been besieged by the Greeks for a decade, you’d reckon the Trojans would have been a bit more suspicious of the appearance of a dirty great big wooden horse at the city gates and just set fire to the bloody thing where it stood

However the time has come to be leaving Turkey again, the country where you are always within 100 metres of a Turkish flag, a kebab shop, and a statue of Ataturk.

Bar Cannakale

With a slogan like ‘It’s Hangover Time’, you could argue that the Hangover Bar & Cafe in Canakkale has yet to embrace the ‘responsible service of alcohol’ ethos

After returning to Istanbul from the Gallipoli Peninsula, I jumped on a bus and am now in the regional town of Kirklareli. I had a Corona PCR test this afternoon, which I am hoping will be my last.

Leaving Turkey again Gokceada Island
Gokceada Island

I’m heading for Bulgaria, as I’ve heard a rumour that the Bulgarians are happy to vaccinate tourists.

Istanbul street dog
This street dog decided that the best place to sleep away an Istanbul summer afternoon was in the chemist

I have to admit I don’t know much about Bulgaria, but being the ignorant, clueless tourist hasn’t stopped me from visiting places before. So I’ll go and have a look around and let you know what I find.

Bosphorus Istanbul leaving Turkey again
Leafy Bebek on the Bosphorus

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