Leaving Tunisia

Leaving Tunisia

Spanish Fort Bizerte Leaving Tunisia
Spanish Fort, Bizerte

After a very interesting couple of weeks, it’s time to be leaving Tunisia. This morning the Skipper and I headed over to the police station and customs office here in Tabarka to get the necessary paperwork done to leave the country.

Roman Baths Carthage Leaving Tunisia
Roman Baths complex, Carthage, Tunis
Roman Baths Carthage Leaving Tunisia
‘Hey Orienteerius, which is the way out?’

Some technical issues and general bureaucratic dramas meant the whole business took about two hours. On top of that, the customs check of the boat was very thorough. I suppose it is a little unusual for a private boat to be sailing in the middle of both winter and a pandemic, so maybe they thought we were up to something.

cat on a Roman column
Some of the statues from Roman-era Carthage were incredibly lifelike
Marlboro nobody likes a quitter sign
Smoking is very popular in Tunisia, and it seems that the Quit Campaign has a little way to go
Tunis Leaving Tunisia
Tunis, New Year’s Eve. An 8pm curfew, crowd barricades and police with assault rifles put a dampener on celebrations

An overly zealous officer picked out random things in the boat and demanded ‘What is this?!?’ from the Skipper, who would reply ‘that’s Turkish Delight’, ‘that’s nicotine for my inhaler’, ‘they are presents for a friend’ etc etc. They inspected all the cabins, and asked if I had prescriptions for the medicines in my possession. After checking the storage lockers, and finally satisfied we didn’t have drugs, guns, or Tunisian women aboard, they let us go.

Tunisian food
Cumin-sprinkled chip are very popular in Tunisia. They go just great with grilled chicken…
Tunisian food
…or on top of a pizza

After leaving Tunisia we will have a 36 hour sail ahead to reach Sardinia, and considering the Corona situation we’re not sure if we’re going to be allowed into Italy. I’ll let you know how we get on.

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4 thoughts on “Leaving Tunisia

  1. Hi Cuz James
    I am really enjoying reading about your adventure. Stay safe and well.
    Love from Alison in Perth

    1. Well the poster was there at point of sale in the tobacco shop so I guess it was! Spending time in Tunisia, Turkey and the little bit of Europe I’ve seen the smoking rate in Australia is astonishingly low in comparison.

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