Leaving Romania

Leaving Romania

Lake Vidraru Romania
Lake Vidraru, Carpathian Mountains
Dambovita River, Bucharest

It’s only been a short stay, but it’s time for me to be leaving Romania.

Dambovita River, Bucharest

I’ve really enjoyed my time here, particularly exploring the Carpathian Mountains.

The regional city of Pitesti loves a gaming lounge, and who wouldn’t be tempted in by a photo of fireworks over Sydney?

Picture of Sydney Harbour
Tub with a label saying crap

I’m heading east to Hungary to spend a week in Budapest. I’ll let you know what I find when I get there.

You can buy as much crap as you want in Romanian supermarkets

Nah, really.

Pick us up a tub of crap from down the shops will ya?

Tub with a label saying crap

Until then, I’ll leave you with this Romanian proverb:

‘Better a sound donkey than a consumptive philosopher’

Wise words.

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