Leaving Mallorca

Leaving Mallorca

Alcudia, leaving Mallorca
Old city, Alcudia, northern Mallorca

After two weeks on the island it is time for us to be leaving Mallorca. The wind has changed from unfavourable to less unfavourable, so we’re grabbing our chance and heading for the mainland.

Tiny House Mallorca
The tiny house movement has started to take off in Palma, though clearly there have been a few teething problems
Bar Jesus Leaving Mallorca
Head on down to the Bar Jesus, where you can commit sins and ask for forgiveness all in the one convenient location

I have really enjoyed my time here, and it has been a great way to start exploring Spain. The highlight of my stay was definitely the chance to head out of the city and spend some time hiking in the bush.

Beware of the dog sign Spain
That’s Spanish for ‘enter my property and my dog will bite your arse’
Healthy food sign
That’s good advice

We’re going to take advantage of the conditions and sail as far as we can down the Spanish Coast before the headwinds return. Or we run out of food, which ever comes first. I’ll let you know where we make landfall.

Cala Major, Leaving Mallorca
Cala Major, Palma

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