Istanbul: City of Cats

Istanbul: City of Cats

A short walk around Istanbul and you can’t help but notice there are a few cats about.

Istanbul city of cats
None shall pass

As you wander you see more and more, until you realise the place is crawling, creeping, sunning, sleeping, and sitting with them. Istanbul is the City of Cats.

Istanbul city of cats
Tabby was never quite right after falling off the swings as a kitten

Cats of all different sizes, shapes and degrees of muntedness are everywhere, and appear to move freely and without persecution.

Istanbul city of cats
How do you get your whites so white?

Before long you realise the locals don’t just tolerate the strays, but in fact are rather fond of them.

Istanbul city of cats
This arse says I’ve got a generous benefactor

Little food trays and water containers sit outside homes and businesses, and people appear to be quite attentive to ensuring they are kept stocked.

Istanbul city of cats
You gotta keep ’em separated

Cats have a special place in Islamic culture, with the Prophet himself being particularly partial to the feline.

cat and cat statue
Cat and cat statue
Hangin’ with the big cats

The staggering moggie population in the City of Cats does make you wonder about the Toxoplasmosis levels in Istanbul and its coastal waters. Regardless of this, residents are happy to shake the Whiskettes for their feline friends.

Istanbul city of cats
You always get the top bunk

The city’s ubiquitous cats definitely add to the exotic and mysterious feel of ancient Istanbul.

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