Haul Out

Haul Out

The Skipper had noticed some irregularities in the saildrive (the engine’s transmission and propulsion system) oil and decided to have the boat hauled out and inspected at Arbatax, Sardinia. Now although a 46 foot boat that weighs over 10 tonnes isn’t the biggest ship in the harbour, it ain’t your Sunday arvo tinny either, and it takes some big gear to get it out of the water.

Lifting Bay Arbatax Italy
Lifting bay, Arbatax Marina

They had the facilities at Arbatax to do the job, and we squeezed the cat into the lifting bay where some heavy duty straps were positioned beneath her.

Haul out
‘Take it easy…’

With everything in place, the lift began.

Haul out
‘Geez whatever you do just don’t drop the bloody thing’

Seeing your house and savings dangling from a crane is a nervous sight, but the Skipper remained calm throughout the ordeal.

The ship’s dog stayed on board during the operation, and was eventually lowered to the ground by a forklift

The cat was set down in the boatyard whilst the sail drive was inspected, then the procedure reversed to get her back in the water. The marina crew did a great job, and spent considerable extra time with us assisting with the work.

With the haul out complete and the saildrive sorted, we’re ready to head off tomorrow and continue our northward journey up the beautiful Sardinian coast.

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