Goodbye Alert Level 2

Goodbye Alert Level 2

On June 8th, Jacinda announced the end of Alert Level 2 restrictions, and a move to Alert Level 1. The government’s decision was based on 40 days having passed since the last identified community-transmitted case of Corona, 17 days since a new case, and zero known active cases in New Zealand. Officials have stated that the virus will have been eliminated when 28 days have past with no new infections. The PM congratulated the Kiwi ‘Team of Five Million’ for the effort and sacrifice they have made to reach these milestones.

The move to Level 1 has fueled much excitement about upcoming elite level rugby matches scheduled for this week, especially as sport-starved New Zealanders will be able to attend the games. I believe NZ is the first nation to permit crowds back to major sporting fixtures after having adopted lockdown tactics during the pandemic.

Predictably, snide media ‘shock jocks’ have been sniping at the government with regards to their handling of Covid. How easy it is to make comments about the way things should have, and should be, done when you do not hold a position of responsibility. However, it appears that the vast majority of the Team of Five Million are proud of the way the nation has handled the virus threat.

Under Alert Level 1 day to day life will return to normal for most Kiwis, with the only restriction being the ongoing closure of international borders. So although my contribution to fighting Corona in NZ has not been specifically mentioned (the PM has a lot on her mind), I will remain in the Team of Five Million and One for the time being.

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