In Australia, vending machines are found in lots of places, like railway stations, sports clubs, universities and workplaces. If you need a chocky bar, bag of peanuts or soft drink to get you through ’til lunchtime, a few dollars in the slot and your refreshment is only an unwieldy door away.

In Spain, vending machines are located in similar spots, but also in little alcoves or shop spaces were a number of machines can be found. The usual types of snacks are available, but you can also pick up a pack of dingers or one (or more) of an assortment of vibrators.

Sex shop vending machine
Sex shop vending machine

A vending machine sex shop? Now how’s that for convenience?

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2 thoughts on “Convenience

    1. I tried to buy the Super Stimulator Mega Vibe 5000 but I pressed the wrong buttons and ended up with a bag of salt and vinegar chips

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